More Great Opportunities

Parmelee Farm

Clean Up Days
The Parmelee Farm Steering Committee holds clean-up days several time a year to maintain and restore the property. Stay an hour or all day; all hands are welcome.

Community Service Opportunities
There are many opportunities for Community Service hours on the farm. Contact a member of the Parmelee Farm Steering Committee or your secondary school or high school counselor for information.
Do you have an idea for a workshop? The Parmelee Farm Steering Committee will help you design a workshop for children or adults.
Looking for a way to get involved? The farm is always in need of volunteers to participate in planning, landscaping, gardening, construction and many other areas.

Contact Tim Gannon at tim@gannonphoto.com for more information.

Sprucing up Homes and Yards for Killingworth Residents In-Need

Killingworth Congregational Church’s Outreach Team maintains a list of Killingworth residents who need help maintaining their yards and homes.

If you have an hour or two to spare to help with chores such as raking, trimming, gutter cleaning, gardening or exterior window cleaning, this volunteer opportunity could be a great match for you!

Please call Karen Gagliardi at 860-663-3866 for more information.

Killingworth Arts Center Birthday Parties

Love children? Greet visitors, help with the party activities, serve cake, juice and snacks, and assist the birthday parents to keep the birthday child happy on this special day. Email artscenterkillingworth@gmail.com or call 860-663-5593.

Want to Hold a Food Drive?

The Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Food Pantries is always in need of food to feed hungry families. Last year we distributed over one million pounds of food to hungry families on the Connecticut shoreline.

Unfortunately, we also saw a decrease in the amount of food donated.  You can help! Will you hold a food drive for us? Find out more about how you can help!

Want to Run a Book Drive?

Hosting a book drive or setting up a collection site at your school or place of business serves children, promotes early literacy, and encourages families to read. Read to Grow’s programs depend upon donations of books from our Connecticut communities, and we need your help!

Book drives can be run by community groups of all sizes and types, and book collections can be arranged in community centers, businesses, gyms—any place where people congregate and a box for book donations can be set up. Please consider collecting books to support our work.

Please visit Read to Grow’s website for information on how they will assist you with your Book Drive: www.readtogrow.org

Caring Neighborhoods and Communities Tips from Healthy Communities – Healthy Kids

A caring community has the ability to lift us up and empower us! Neighborhoods have the potential to help people achieve their goals through their spirit! Experiences with caring neighbors can help young people to grow into healthy adults! Here are some tips to help develop a caring environment:

  • Encourage your child to get to know the people in your neighborhood by being a role model.
  • Walk through the neighborhood as a family.
  • Organize a potluck, cookout, or block party with your neighbors.
  • Meet with a neighborhood group or start a small group if one doesn’t exist.
  • Do activities together, such as creating a community garden or forming a “welcome wagon” of youth and adults to greet new residents.
  • Organize a neighborhood sporting event or bike ride.
  • Help neighbors with their yard work or walking and taking care of their pets
  • Learn everyone’s names.
  • Collect mail for a neighbor while they’re on vacation.

Dedicate your time to volunteering…not searching for a volunteer opportunity!